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Hong Kong Prospect Group Co. Ltd. (HKPG) is a subsidiary of a large conglomerate based in China, specializing in the marketing of overseas dietary supplement brands. The company is also quite active in global sourcing, and dedicated to bringing quality products to Chinese consumers. They have entered into exclusivity agreements with many well-known dietary supplement brands throughout the world.

HKPG is the exclusive distributor of Arthur Andrew Medical products within China. HKPG offers Syntol, Devigest, and Fibrovera in 30 count bottles that are made exclusively for the Chinese market. They also offer the remaining products within our line such as Proferia, Serretia, Nattovena, Neprinol, and Floraphage. Tuotuohe offers both Proferia and Neprinol through their import channels into Shenzhen.

In addition to the Arthur Andrew Medical line of products for human health, HKPG possesses a division that is exclusively focused on animal and pet health. This division identified Neprofin PET and Novequin PET as products that could be beneficial to their clients. We at Arthur Andrew are proud to offer our entire veterinary line through HKPG.

HKPG in cooperation with Arthur Andrew have focused to extend beyond distributing Arthur Andrew's existing products. We have developed Lepordon, a joint support supplement exclusively for HKPG. Lepordon is also offered in a 30 count bottle. For more information on Lepordon, Click Here. In addition, Arthur Andrew and HKPG continue to focus on improving their offerings to the Chinese market. We currently are focused on co-formulating several new products that are geared specifically to assist in the health and well-being of the Chinese market including the Fibrohebe, Lejeen and Fahfly probiotic lines. For more information and/or questions about a specific product, please use the following contact information:

• Femiflora: 18766139572
• Syntol: 15550846705
• SerreScience: 0531-58091335
• Jamy Sure: 0531-58095241
• Phormraw: 400-8565108
• Ovonicare: 0531-58162409
• Lejeen Yierree: 0531-58637352
• Phagecode: 400-6165168
• Fibrohebe: 0531-58091565
• Vshield: 18853113019
• Ferrellett: 15066153839
• Fahfly:


Grace Zhao (Non product specific questions)

(0086) 400 005 2557