Going Green

Becoming More Eco-Friendly: A Daily Goal

Arthur Andrew Medical has made a commitment to start making a positive impact in the environment by becoming more eco-friendly. It's easy to say that you are "going green", but in actuality it is also simple to begin making a positive impact. We decided to start small by setting small goals, and taking a broad look at the reasons behind why we should go green. The truth is that everything we do in our everyday lives has an impact on the planet. These impacts can be good or bad, but our goal is to simply mitigate the bad.

We began our quest to becoming more eco-friendly by simply implementing a paper-free office environment, installing adjustable thermostats in our office, as well as encouraging our employees to carpool. Though small changes, we noticed an immediate positive impact on our monthly electricity usage, output of waste, and also found that by encouraging carpooling, our employees were able save themselves money as well. Sometimes simply being aware of your "carbon footprint" can mean more than being responsible with the environment, it can also make you more responsible with your own personal decisions as well.

Through employee brainstorming sessions and simply watching the trends for the green movement, we have decided on other ways that we felt would continue to make us a more eco-responsible company. Our largest change thus far was in our packaging, in which we switched to a more recyclable material, rated at 1, meaning it is the most recyclable plastic material available.

This change reassures us that the carbon footprint left by our packaging will be much smaller in the future than it has been in years past. We also carefully select each of our raw materials from pesticide-free and sustainable sources to not only ensure a safe product but to also ensure that our trusted business partners have made the same commitment to their clients and the environment as we have.

We continue to search for ways to improve every aspect of our business and are always open to hearing of new ideas and innovations that can improve our planet. Though some changes may be smaller than others, it is important to realize that every change made to improve our planet is a large step in the right direction.