Lepordon AJS


Lepordon AJS, Advanced Joint Support, is an enzyme and cofactor blend formulated to support healthy joint function. This product was developed exclusively for the Chinese market and is available through Shenzhen Tuotuohe International Trading Co. Ltd.

Lepordon is a blend of all-natural enzymes that break down harmful blood toxins and components such as excess fibrin and food particulates. Eliminating these substances from the body is integral in metabolic processes that support an optimal inflammatory response. The gradual breakdown of the intestinal lining coupled with hindered digestion can allow these contaminates to enter the bloodstream. Numerous health issues can develop if these substances impair the body’s ability to properly store enzymes or impact enzyme functionality. Fibrin is produced during times of recovery, and although it is an essential protein in the recovery process, enzyme deficiencies can lead to an over-abundance of this protein and cause circulatory and immune issues.  

What is Fibrin?

Fibrin is produced by everyone, men and women alike. Although inflammation may manifest differently in everyone, the one thing that is common in every case is fibrin. Fibrin is a protein formed in the human body that can significantly impact our health and general well-being. Fibrin is documented to be responsible for the formation of scar tissue and thrombus (blood clots). The body’s inherent fibrin removal process is accomplished by the naturally occurring enzyme plasmin. Plasmin is our body’s natural blood thinner, responsible for maintaining normal blood solvency by removing unnecessary accumulated proteins. This natural process can be enhanced by introducing fibrinolytic (fibrin-degrading) enzymes such as those in Lepordon.

A New Approach to Addressing Recovery and Comfort

Healthy adults can now be proactive with their health and reduce the risk of many common conditions by taking the enzymes found in Lepordon. The immune system can be overwhelmed with proteins and even food particles that escape the gastro-intestinal tract. In response to these toxins, the body may create additional proteins that initiate an immune response. The immune system in turn produces antibodies to start degrading and removing these proteins (known as antigens). Antigens and antibodies combine to form CICs which are then attacked by white blood cells specifically designed to destroy them. Unlike taking a daily regimen of NSAIDs, Leprodon cleanses the blood by removing unwanted debris and CICs which not only supports a healthy inflammatory response from over-exertion, but also immune and circulatory function. In addition, Lepordon is a good source of antioxidants, has no gastrointestinal side effects, and does not put stress on the liver and kidneys.

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