Our Commitment to Non-GMO

GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are created by genetically engineering a plant to be resistant to the direct application of an herbicide and/or to naturally produce an insecticide. This genetic engineering can also occur with animals, and is typically utilizing genes that would otherwise not commingle intrinsically, thus creating an unstable combination of genes that would not be possible with traditional crossbreeding. With the increasing evidence that GMOs within our food supply are growing in number, and the fact that the evidence of their safety is far from conclusive, we at Arthur Andrew have made a commitment to ensure that these GMOs do not make it into any of our products. Due to the nature of our products, a commitment to Non-GMO standards can be quite difficult to manage and maintain. The components within our products are not pulled from a farm and then sold to a grocer such as the organic kale that we may find in our local grocer's produce section. Further, our materials are also not pulled from a farm and then sent to a manufacturer to be furthered processed, such as an herbal supplement. Enzymes and probiotics are created using a highly sophisticated fermentation process using microorganisms or on a smaller scale, a plant source such as a pineapple. For enzymes like bromelain which are sourced directly from the fermentation of a pineapple, ensuring that the pineapple is grown using Non-GMO seeds with the actual growers is one way in which we can ensure that GMOs are not within our products. However, the microbial sourced enzymes are quite different in that they are not extracted directly from a food source which can be tracked to a farm, they are extracted from a bacteria or fungal organism. Each Arthur Andrew supplier is vetted to ensure that these organisms (and plants where applicable) are of a Non-GMO origin. To further our commitment to this cause, we also have our finished goods tested by a 3rd party laboratory for evidence of GMOs within the products. Evidence of this testing can be found on our product pages. We will continue with this endeavor and search for new ways to further our quality assurance processes.