Aminolase TPA

Maximize the benefits of your protein supplement.

Aminolase TPA® represents a breakthrough in protein nutrition and supplementation. Ideal for bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and anyone with an active lifestyle, Aminolase will support healthy muscle mass, muscle recovery and completely change the way we use and digest protein.1

Aminolase should be taken with protein rich foods and dietary supplements including: whey, milk, casein, soy, pea, and hemp protein. These supplements are some of the richest sources of all nine essential amino acids that the body is unable to produce on its own; however, all protein must first be digested and broken down into a usable form, which includes essential amino acids and beneficial peptides (i.e., Di and Tri-peptides). (Figure 1)

In order for protein to be used for muscle building, recovery and immune function, it must be broken down into a smaller particle size within 90 minutes of consumption.2 This transit time represents the time from which protein passes from the stomach through the small intestine where digestion and absorption primarily occurs; from there it can be assembled into muscle building protein (a bio-usable form).3 Protein that has not been digested within this 90 minute window will move into the large intestine where it will be broken down; however, since bacterial counts are so high in the large intestine and colon, protein broken down here will be consumed by bacteria and not absorbed by the user. When these bacteria break down protein, large amounts of gas are produced. This will cause the user to experience abdominal discomfort, including bloating and possibly even diarrhea. Additionally, since absorption of nutrients in the large intestine is so low, protein that has not been consumed by bacteria will simply be excreted from the body, resulting in increased digestive stress and wasted amino acids. This can be seen as essentially pouring your expensive protein down the toilet. (Figure 2)

Decreased Occasional Stomach Discomfort - An Added Benefit

When dietary protein is not broken down into its smallest components, large peptides are created that can cause stomach discomfort such as bloating, nausea and cramping. These symptoms should not be confused with food intolerances; generally, the underlying cause of protein-induced stomach discomfort is peptide sensitivity. Aminolase breaks down these large peptides, reducing the potential for discomfort that often comes from consuming protein supplements or dietary protein. (Figures 3-4)

Arginine increased by 150%. A huge increase, greater than 2.5 times the level obtained from using whey isolate alone. Arginine has amazing nitrogen retention ability. Nitrogen is one of the key elements in muscle protein synthesis. Some plants can absorb nitrogen, but we mammals have to make do with the stuff we make ourselves. It supports the immune system, as well as normal function of the Thymus gland. Arginine also supports normal blood flow, healthy kidney function, and healthy skin and connective tissues. (Figure 5)

Glutamine (Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that is present in the body in large amounts. At some times it forms 60 percent of your total amino acid pool. Because it passes through the blood-brain barrier rather easily it’s often called brain-food. In the brain it converts to glutamic acid, which is essential for brain functioning and increase GABA (gamma-amino-butyric-acid, another popular supplemented amino) needed for mental activities. It is used in synthesis of muscle-tissue. It is a nontoxic nitrogen carrier. Most important perhaps is that it balances the acid/alkaline level, so it reduces lactic acid.) increased by 45%. (Figures 6)

As a general rule, the body does not have all the tools needed to completely disassemble dietary protein, especially protein supplements. Aminolase is necessary to ensure that the body is flooded with all the amino acids needed to build muscle, support immune function and recover from intense exercise.


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Suggested Use

Directions: Consume 1 capsule of Aminolase™ per 25 grams of protein consumed. Aminolase capsules may also be opened and added directly to your favorite protein supplement. Aminolase is a vegetarian enzyme product which may increase protein bio-availability as much as 9x.

Delivery Methods: When Aminolase is removed from capsules and added directly to protein supplements, the enzymes will rapidly begin converting protein into amino acids. Amino acids have a significantly different taste profile compared to proteins, which may impact taste and texture. When mixing protein directly with Aminolase, taste may become extremely bitter and possibly unpalatable. For best results, swallow capsules and immediately chase with your favorite protein beverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aminolase is a specialized protein digesting enzyme, designed to completely and efficiently break down and digest protein when used in conjunction with protein rich meals and or supplement. Benefits include:
  1. Digests protein into usable form thereby making it exceedingly more bioavailable than pancreatin alone.
  2. Maximizes the availability of amino acids
  3. Greatly reduces occasional stomach discomfort (nausea, bloating, cramping) associated with consuming high amounts of protein
  4. Effective at digesting all types of dietary protein including supplemental protein such as whey, casein, egg, soy, hemp and pea proteins.
Aminolase helps break down protein efficiently and completely so that the body can maximize the absorption of amino acids into the blood stream. This will reduce exposure time to large protein peptides that can cause discomfort. Consumption of protein with Aminolase significantly raises the absorption of amino acids, compared to ingesting protein in the absence of Aminolase. Among those amino acids are the branch chain amino acids, which have been shown to play a vital role in muscle synthesis and recovery.
Dosage: 250mg (1 capsule) of Aminolase per every 25 grams of protein consumed. It is important to note that most containers of protein supplements are not 100% pure protein, so the calculation must be adjusted to account for the amount of pure protein in the container.
Two separate human clinical studies have been performed, and numerous reference studies are available. Contact us for more details on these studies.
The formula is Kosher, and a copy of the certification is available by request.
The formula is vegetarian and vegan in accordance with the guidelines of the American Vegetarian Association.
Yes, Aminolase is Non-GMO. All of the ingredients used to make this enzyme product are not genetically modified organisms as defined by the National Organic Standards Board. Genetically engineered is defined as follows: Made with techniques that alter the molecular or cellular biology of an organism by means that are not possible under natural conditions or processes. Genetic engineering includes recombinant DNA, cell fusion, micro-and macro-encapsulation, gene deletion and doubling, introducing a foreign gene, and changing the position of genes. It shall not include breeding, conjugation, fermentation, hybridization, in-vitro fertilization, and tissue culture.
Yes, Aminolase has GRAS safety status with the FDA.

A Bio-Sufficient Supplement

Aminolase on its own is bio-sufficient, meaning the supplement alone includes all the tools required to break down proteins into bio-usable form. Aminolase will:

  • Assist in the breakdown and digestion of protein in order to build muscle mass and accelerate muscle recovery when used in conjunction with protein supplements, meal replacements and all protein-rich meals.
  • Digest protein into bio-usable form, taking full advantage of the availability of essential amino acids for building muscle and improving muscle recovery.
  • Greatly reduce occasional stomach discomfort typically caused when protein supplements are not broken down into their smallest components.
  • Maximize the performance benefit of dietary protein, assisting the body in absorbing more protein rather than excreting it.